Ascentifi Limited and Ascentifi Clients Limited (“us”, “our”, “we”) does not and will not provide any form of financial services or investment advice to any party.

We do not promote, recommend, or sell investments. We bring start-up companies to the attention of investors. If an investor chooses to invest, we help facilitate the investment process.

Ascentifi and the companies that an investor can invest in through Ascentifi are not regulated by any Financial Regulatory Authority. Investments made through Ascentifi are not covered by any deposit guarantee scheme or by any investor compensation scheme.

Persons considering an investment should rely on their own independent due diligence of the legal, taxation, financial and other consequences of making an investment, including the merits of investing and the risks involved.

Persons considering an investment should not treat any information on this website, or any information on websites linked to this website, or any information supplied or produced by us as advice relating to legal, taxation or investment matters or as any form of solicitation to invest.

Persons considering an investment should consult their own professional advisors to seek independent financial, investment, tax, and legal advice.

Investing in start-ups involves risks, including total loss of capital, illiquidity, dilution, and lack of dividends. It is suitable only for investors capable of evaluating and bearing those risks.

Please refer to our Risk Warning page for more information on possible risks.